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The GCM is no common crowdfunding platform.
Crowdfunding may not be suitable for you anyway: EU Crowdfunding Final Report
Be aware: Investments at crowdfunding platforms and stock exchanges are not secured, a 100% loss is possible!

The GCM is a directory of debt-free companies and organizations, instant registration, no costs for listing, open 24/7.
It provides the infrastructure that they are able to get the venture capital they need.
Internal promotion system with banner ads and ad messages, the company can be promoted worldwide.
At the GCM the company has continued support as long as the company exists.
The company is either supported by a parent company, management consultant company or venture capital company.
Because there is no real debt, bankruptcy is hardly possible.

The company is owned by its entrepreneurs, management and workers.
The investor is just a temporary venture capital provider of about 5 years.
Fairly secure: if the company doesn't perform properly and cannot repay the capital, the company's parent companies have to repay, if there are none, the GCM.
There is no need to drain the company with dividend payments for investors forever! Or to lock the capital of investors forever!
At the GCM there is no financial gambling: no up and down of share prizes, no trading necessary;

For start-ups:
Entrepreneurs may set up a virtual fundraising venture first, to present the project and search for supporters.
Gradually the needed venture capital can be raised.

For charity organizations, clubs, non-profit cooperatives:
They can introduce their members to the GCM and benefit from referral rewards.
Their members just need to pay an initial membership fee, no need for continous membership payments anymore!
No need for donations anymore!
The members can get back their sponsor payments gradually.

Free newsletter publishing service
Instead of sending emails you can send messages with a link to your newsletter page.
Subscribers can comment on your article.
Imagine the big income potential with the referral program!

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